I’ll be running a fishing tackle garage sale next weekend at my home, 1552 Osprey Ct., in Manasquan Park, N.J. Everything from lures to big game rods and reels will be on display along with some boating supplies and accessories. I’ll provide details during the week.

Virginia anglers are taking the first big hit resulting from the new striped bass assessment showing that the stock is overfished and that overfishing is occurring. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission voted unanimously last week to cancel the upcoming trophy bass season which allowed Virginia anglers to keep some of the previously protected spawning females before they reproduce and migrate northward from the Chesapeake Bay area. This will result in greater spawning potential for the source of the majority of the coastal migratory population.

The Hudson River stock is much smaller, but appears to be in better shape. Blog follower J. R. Aloise noted that Saturday’s west gale  resulted in a “tough day in Raritan Bay, but we did well with bass between 25 and 30 pounds.” I’ll be driving up from Florida Sunday and will resume the blog Monday evening.

Monday’s  forecast is for northeast winds of 10-15 knots before switching to southeast 5-10 in the afternoon.



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  1. Al:I know your garage sale will be emotional for you Al. If we live long enough we all have to hit that point.Our entire Montauk Murderer’s Row gang is gone except for four of us, counting me. Oh, the memories!I plan to load all my fishing gear into a Uhaul trailer and tow it east in August. Not much call for big Gibb’s Darters or Bottle Plugs in the Rockies. I am donating it all to NJBBA for fund raising purposes, I hope. So I know the emotional experience involved.Good luck and stay well,Bob Lick


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