Raritan Bay has been producing good numbers of legal striped bass, but anglers should avoid killing most of those fish since the Hudson River spawning stock not only maintains our high quality local spring fishery, but also provides a summer fishery after the coastal migrants have moved far to the east.

It’s a good bet that any bass weighing 20 pounds or more will be a female just weeks away from contributing to the Hudson River stock. If you’re going to keep a bass, select one closer to the 28-inch minimum that may well be a male.

Capt. Ian Devlin of East Norwalk, Ct. has decided to release all of the stripers taken on his charter trips in Long Island Sound, unless they’re unrecoverable, in response to the coastal overfishing problem. That’s a tough move for a charter skipper as it eliminates a portion of his potential patronage, but a courageous one.

The larger stripers were hiding today from the Sea Hunter out of Atlantic Highlands as it was strictly shorts after days when legal bass were common. A rarely used provision gave the pool to the first short released.

Stripers didn’t show in the ocean again, but the fleet will be looking for them over the weekend. That will include the Jamaica from Brielle which will seek bass both days.

The Big Mohawk from Belmar found good blackfish action on bottom today, and added a few ling and cod. Some fares limited on tog. They’ll sail at 7 a.m.

At Seaside Park, Grumpy’s Tackle reports a few small bass being caught on bait in the surf, though there are more to be had on worms and small plugs in the back bay.





















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