There’s still  some hope that a spring run of cod will develop off the Jersey coast. The Ocean Explorer got out from Belmar on Thursday and had warm, calm weather with plenty of life on bottom. Unfortunately, most of that life was bergalls. Some of the latter were big enough to provide fillets which are very good eating. Two cod were boated, including one over 20 pounds. They’ll be fishing again on Friday.

The news from Raritan Bay wasn’t as promising. Capt. Rick Worner had Art Berkman aboard his Carnivore from Sewaren to fish the back of the bay where there had been hot school striper action Monday.  However, the water temperature had dropped and none of the boats fishing had any action in poor conditions. This is probably just a temporary setback as that mass of schoolies likely haven’t gone far. The forecast for Saturday starts off well with south winds at 10-15 knots, but it blows up in the afternoon and some rain is possible.

I’m traveling on Friday, but will catch up Saturday afternoon.

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