Though giant bluefin tuna fishing is holding up in N,C., the Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant is now more concerned with yellowfin tuna since the giant tuna commercial season is closed and only catch-and-release is allowed for them as they continue sailing out of Oregon Inlet.

When a 106-inch giant was brought alongside last week, it came up dead and the Canyon Runner used up its trophy giant allocation rather than waste it. The trophy fish allocation is only one a year, and it cannot be sold.  The Tim Gross and Kelly Bryne party released two giants out of six hooked this week before catching  yellowfins to bring home. Adam La Rosa reports there are some last minute open boat seats available at $550 all-in — including the tip. Call him at 732 272-4445.

CR yellowfinsNorth Carolina yellowfins

The marine weather forecast sounds good for tomorrow as the morning starts with south winds at 5-10 knots before increasing to 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon == as air temperatures get up to 57 degrees. It will be even warmer Friday though wet and windy.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar was supposed to sail for cod today, but the only post from them was that they will be sailing tomorrow.


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