Tom Fote of the JCAA was fuming today after returning from the joint meeting of the ASMFC and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council Summer Flounder Boards in Virginia Beach.  Though N.J. underfished its quota last year, they decided that there had been overfishing by N.J. anglers which hadn’t been accounted for in previous years  and wouldn’t approve the 7.5% increase that should have been due — while handing a 40% increase to the commercial sector that’s already getting 60% of the fluke quota despite a NOAA study which showed the recreational catch was about 70% of the total catch before management started.,  The New Jersey public will have to get by with status quo while special interests are served by the management boards. I’ll have more about this as more information becomes available.

The marine forecast is looking good tomorrow before small craft advisories go up from late Saturday through Sunday evening.  Saturday starts with north winds at 5-10 knots before shifting to the east in the afternoon. Sunday will be southeast at 15-20 with gusts to 25 plus rain in the morning.

The Big Jamaica is scheduled to sail to the offshore wrecks for jumbo porgies (see photo below) both days at 1 a.m. Call 732 528-5014 for reservations.

Jamaica porgy

The Philadelphia Boat Show continues through Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia \Expo at Oaks. Hours are 10-7 Saturday and 11-5 Sunday.


  1. It is best to put the blame on recreational fishermen.  It is a cheap way out. Very up setting, and curtailing the the boats and surf anglers.The limit is so low at this point I can not understand the ASMFC  thought process.. Little by little we will only able to keep one at 30 inches soon. What a joke.


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