A belated report from the Ocean Explorer out of Belmar provided some good news about cod as they picked a few up to 18 pounds on Sunday along with a “handful” of keeper blackfish and some ling. Though a bit rough at first, the ocean calmed during the day — and there was a good amount of life on bottom that included short tog. Cod have been few and far between so far this winter, but could still show up in fishable quantities as they’ve done at times in the past. I’ll have more about that tomorrow.

Though the snow was once again ” much ado about nothing” but rain at the Shore, the northwest wind kept everyone home. Today’s NW gusts to 30 knots will drop to 10-15 by morning along with seas of 2-4 feet. It’s back to the east on Wednesday, but at only 5-10 knots and 1-foot seas — though snow is possible in he morning and likely in the afternoon.

Ice fishermen have to beware of thin ice, but traffic isn’t normally a problem. That wasn’t the case recently during a contest in Tupper Lake, N.Y. when conservation officers arrested a drunk snowmobile driver who was speeding up to 70 mph near the fishermen.

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