The marine forecast looks great for fishing Sunday and almost as good on Monday before a return to poor east conditions on Tuesday. Sunday’s winds are forecasted to blow 5-10 knots west with 1-foot seas after today’s west blast knocked the swell down.

The Big Jamaica sails at 1 a.m. for offshore wrecks that are loaded with porgies as illustrated below.  Call 732 528-5014 to reserve a possible opening. Both the Big Mohawk and Ocean Explorer will leave Belmar at 7 a.m. for blackfish.


The Hi-Mar Striper Club had its usual big turnout for their fishing flea market. I met several blog followers there, and passed the word about the blog to many more who will be joining us.

Sad news Friday was the passing of Capt. Joe Occipinti, Sr., whose Little Hawk was an imposing sight on the Raritan Bay striper grounds. His son, Joe Jr., will carry on running that large group charter boat from Atlantic Highlands.

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