The Ocean Explorer posted a belated report of catching the big tautog on Tuesday to challenge John Snook’s 13 pound, 8 ounce seasonal pool leader  A couple of 10-pounders were boated, but the big news was the 13-pound, 10 ounce tog that was a mere 2 ounces bigger than the leader. Yet there were no tears from John Snook since he was the one who caught it. The Ocean Explorer crew still expects to find an even bigger blackfish before the pool is awarded. There were also a few cod and pollock hooked on Tuesday’s trip.

The huge break in mid-winter weather is changing. The forecast for Thursday has gone up to 10-15 knots northeast with a chance of light rain in the morning.

Vinny D’Anton said shore fishing picked up in Sarasota after the water temperature went back up to 65 degrees. They had actually been hoping for it to drop below 60 degrees in order to kill off any remaining trace of he red tide which killed so many fish a few months ago. Vinny hooked some small spotted sea trout on a DOA Shrimp and added large ladyfish on a MirrOlure.


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