The Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant caught their largest giant tuna during winter fisheries out of Oregon Inlet with a 115-incher during a trip run by Capt. Deane Lambros that also produced their first bigeye of the winter and a yellowfin. The big fish weighed 706 pounds cored out. By formula that would bring the full weight to 868 to 893 pounds. They’ve had at least one giant each day since starting their winter fishery. There was a 106-incher last week — and 90-incher Sunday plus a wahoo.

Only 15 tickets are left for Saturday’s Canyon Runner Seminar in Atlantic City that includes breakfast, beer and a chance at thousands of dollars in door prizes for a $125 a ticket. Call Adam La Rosa at 732 842-6825.

As noted yesterday, the Jamaica from Brielle had another very good porgy trip Saturday on offshore wrecks. At times those fish marked 40 to 50 feet thick on the fishfinder. There was some variety as the pool went to an 8-pound pollock caught by Earl Spcanyon runner 115-inch giant

eer of Forked River, while Rob Fusiek from Cape May was second with a 4.5-pound ling.  There were also a few white hake and whiting, while who wanted them could jig plenty of mackerel. That trip will be repeated this Saturday. Call 732 528-5014 for reservations.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar reported a nice day Saturday with only a pick of blackfish. Sunday was lumpy with a big SE swell plus a south wind. There was lots of life on bottom, but it was mostly bergalls with just a few tog.

The weather doesn’t look good after the 10-15-knot southeast to start Tuesday, as that increases to 15-20 by afternoon, Wednesday’s forecast is for 20-25 west with gusts to 40 — and very cold.

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