Gale warnings for northwest winds up to 40 knots are up through Thursday afternoon, but Saturday looks great with just 5-10 knots northwest.

The Mimi VI from Point Pleasant is sold out for Friday’s Special blackfish trip which is limited to 12 anglers. Regular 7 a.m. blackfish trips at $75 resume Monday and through January. Call 732 370-8019 for reservations.


curt cubera  Kurt Hoefig of Clinton, N.J. was casting a topwater plug in Puerto Rico when he caught this colorful fish. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to identify without sun on the fish. It looks a lot like a cubera snapper. However, while the Pacific cubera is very aggressive on lures and will even jump out of the water to crash on them, the Atlantic cubera is a bottom feeder that rarely hits lures. I did catch one many years ago while casting a MirrOlure at night in a river mouth for snook and tarpon along the coast of Honduras.  Any other opinions on what it might be? Contact me at

Sorry about the first few letters of the Garden State Outdoor Show not coming out in the title of last night’s blog. That show opens tomorrow in Edison. Visit for details.

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