21-lb tog - dante sorrientoDante Soriente has been trying to catch a huge blackfish on his Magictail jigs, and he did so on Jan. 2 while fishing with Paul Naertel of the JCAA on his boat out of Barnegat Inlet.  First he caught a 14 1/2-pounder which he released. Next was a much bigger tog that was weighed at Fisherman’s Headquarters in Ship Bottom at a massive 20.96 pounds. He was going to release that one also, but Haertel talked him into keeping the tog of a lifetime for mounting. It was taken on a Magictail Glow White Legger jig. Haertel caught an 11.5-pounder.

After another nice day, we’re in for a northeast blow tomorrow. The morning forecast is for NE 15-20 knots with gusts to 30. A clearing northwest on Sunday will blow at the same speeds.

Jerry Lasko and Maren Toleno fished dusk at Bay Head. They had some life there the previous evening as Maren caught a striper and there were herring flashing in the surf. However, there was no sign of anything this evening.


    1. That tog must have been 40 years old. Hard to believe it could survive so long with all the fishing pressure and the spearfishermen for which it was a big target.


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