I’m sure there were very few anglers who even took a look at the ocean today, but Vinny D’Anton found a report online from “Two-pole Mike”  that he caught 28 stripers from 14 to 24 inches early this morning at an undisclosed location along the northern N.J. surf. He got there just as the storm was starting, and it was very fishable in green water at dawn as he caught the bass steadily on his home-made sand eel imitation plus a teaser.

Chances are that the surf is now badly discolored, and that it will take quite a bit of west wind to clear it up.

The forecast is for 20-25 knots south winds with gusts to 35 today before a switch to 15-20 west in the morning with gusts to 25. That won’t last long as the Sunday forecast is for northwest at just 5-10 knots.

Even Jerry Lasko didn’t fish this morning, but he reported reading a mild enough 47 degrees yesterday in the IBSP surf.

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