The news probably isn’t going to do anyone any good just before the storm hits, but the long-missing peanut bunkers finally showed up in the surf today. There hasn’t been a peanut bunker run in the Shore surf all fall, but the few anglers who worked the Point Pleasant surf today were rewarded with larger school stripers than we’d been seeing — 24 to 27 inches.

Jerry Lasko spent the day at Point Pleasant and caught eight, while Maren Toleno totaled 18. Tsunami swim shads matched the hatch, though Maren also got a couple on snag & drop. She also took the water temperature, and it was up to 48 degrees.

Vinny D’Anton checked with his crew casting to the north at Belmar where they reported sand eels in the surf but no fish caught. Kevin Kuriawa had a close call this evening as he decided to fish Bay Head and found some bunkers in the calm, clear waters — but couldn’t get any hits among them.

The rain just started this afternoon, but there will be plenty more plus wind. Gale warnings for southeast winds gusting to 40 knots are up for Friday morning.  We’ll be lucky to get back to the surf by Sunday.


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