Capt. Vinnie Vetere has been catching large stripers by trolling his Ho-Jo’s  in the Hudson River and up to L.I. Sound when necessary.  His e-mails hadn’t been making it through AOL due to a volume of photos included. Vetere said the bait disappeared over a week ago, but trolling has been consistent. On the other hand, it’s been almost all small bass on readings in Raritan Bay and outside.  Vetere will be fishing tomorrow, and notes that the N.Y. striped bass season for his Katfish out of Great Kills is almost over.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands found only some short bass Monday due to a huge swell and a very strong current, but will be sailing tomorrow.

Though it will be very cold in the morning, only light northeast winds are forecast. That’s normally good for surfcasting.

Vinny D’Anton got reports of only a pick of small stripers at Belmar this morning. He gave that area a try in the afternoon and got three small bass, but the two  anglers with him didn’t get a hit.

I started at Point Pleasant this morning with high hopes as the swell was down. Yet, there was only a pick of bass there. I took a shot just to the south and had a good shot of action on the Vision Surf Eel and Castaways teaser rig — finishing up the morning with 10 bass. Nick Honachefsky came down in time to see my last catch — a hickory shad on the Surf Eel that it couldn’t have possibly swallowed.

Jerry Lasko was at IBSP yesterday morning when a giant tuna was washed ashore.  I’ll try to get the photo posted this week. Jerry was proud that he outfished Maren Toleno that morning 11 bass to 9  — a rare instance when she didn’t outfish everyone.

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