1. Just as notedd in last night’s blog, today was a beautiful day for fishing. It looks like Saturday will follow along. Even though the wind goes northeast, it’s only predicted to be 5 to 10 knots before shifting to east in the afternoon. However, it will blow up to 20 SE that night — and 15-20 south on Sunday.

Today was a nixed bag as school stripers didn’t please surfcasters everywhere. I got off to a very poor start at Point Pleasant with only one bass on a teaser and just a pick going on until I talked to my nephew Bob Correll who was into a bite further south that produced a dozen releases for him. I got there late, but stayed after Bob left for work, ending up with 14 releases. Concerned about a flat surf to start with, I switched from metal to an old Vision Surf Eel that had been customized years ago by a bluefish with some cuts and pieces missing. To my surprise, the bass favored that lure over the teaser. After making note of that at Castaways Tackle in Point Pleasant, John Latizia went down to another street with his Surf Eel and from late morning to 12:30 picked 11 stripers.  Unfortunately, when Bob and I returned to the morning bite spot in late afternoon a big swell had come up and I only had one tap and saw one bass caught.  An angler who had been shut out that morning in Seaside said he did see one angler catch a couple there.

Jerry Lasko and Maren Toleno fished a bit north of where I had been at Point Pleasant Beach in the dark and said they did well with bass until it got light.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands found good jigging action with shorts, but only had a few slots to take home. The Golden Eagle from Belmar saw lots of bass, but only picked a dozen shorts. The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant reported good striper jigging early and late with bass up to a 35-incher.

The Big Jamaica from Brielle is sailing to the jumbo sea bass wrecks every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday — leaving the night before at 11. Call 732 528-5014 for reservations.

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  1. After a rather late start yesterday, got to point Pleasant around 8:30, fishing 2 hrs yielded 3 hickory shad and 14 stripers with the biggest maybe 24 inches. Later in the afternoon at Bay Head yeilded a nice 7lb fish on my first cast. I thought I was set for some fun but 45 minutes later with only one other bump I went back to Point and picked another two fish before leaving at dusk. I switched to Joe Baggs Patriot fish in the morning when fish didnt seem to respond to small metal jigs. Its a good sand eel imitation, color, shape and runner tail. Even one of the shad surprised me when it bypassed my teaser to hit the jig. Didnt think they really did that. Today looks great too…wish i was down there!


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