I hope everyone is enjoying a fine Thanksgiving meal in a warm house — especially if you went out into this morning’s brutal cold to fish.

I used to be able to fish in brutal weather, but this morning was too much for this 82-year-old. When I arrived at Point Pleasant Beach there were birds dipping, and a young angler said he saw fish rolling — but they wouldn’t hit anything.

After a few casts I was convinced and only saw very small swirls and tiny bait spraying. I might have been willing to sacrifice a couple of fingers to frostbite if there were big swirls, but retreated to the car where it took 10 minutes to warm my hands up enough to drive.

Bob Correll found the same thing at Bay Head and caught the largest hickory shad he’s seen before racing home to run hot water over frozen hands.

I’ll have another blog tonight after the holiday celebrations. Black Friday is looking much more fishable.










  1. You have a couple of years on me not many I use those hand warmers
    I stick them in my gloves they really work give them a shot
    Thanks for being you Al happy thanksgiving


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