There were mixed results with striper fishing today, but what happened then may not mean much tomorrow as east winds return. The forecast is for 15-20 knots with gusts to 25 — followed by gusts to 35 in the afternoon. Gale warnings may be posted then. Sunday is looking good with NW 10-15.

Chuck Many decided to take advantage of the moderate north wind by making the long run east  where stripers have been stalled on the migratory run for weeks. There was no life until Tyman was east of Fire Island Inlet. but then we came upon two fleets picking away at bass. There was no wild bird action such as we had at the mouth of Raritan Bay in November last year, but everyone was catching some bass despite an abundance of spiny dogfish hitting jigs as if they were their favorite food. Alex Katyan , Chuck and I released 17 stripers that included five of legal size though nothing large. There were even five hickory shad on the 3-ounce Crippled Herring jigs that proved most effective, and a single fat bluefish before we left them biting for the 55 mile trip back to Gateway Marina in Highlands.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands reported just a pick of mostly shorts locally, with the last drift being the best. Capt. Rob Semkewyc  is going to try getting out for the morning tomorrow.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar picked a few short and keeper stripers, but not enough.

Bob Matthews, at Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina said the Big Mohawk has been bringing in 40-pound bass every day, but the largest weighed this week was a 52-incher that tipped the scale at 43 1/2 pounds for Nicholas Vitolo (12) of Howell.

Matthews noted that flounder bit well from the marina dicks today and most anglers limited.

Capt. Joe Massa went out himself with his My Three Sons from Morgan Marina and chunked in Ambrose to catch 15 stripers.

One skipper at Gateway made a run offshore to look for bluefin tuna and found none, but  was rewarded on the way back by getting into a blitz of big bass off Belmar.

I’ll catch up on more reports tomorrow.

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