The southwest blow lasted too long this morning for boaters to get the calm along the shore provided by a northwester, but when the gale force NW arrived it wasn’t comfortable even standing at Point Pleasant Canal.  As a result, it appears that party boats stayed in except for Miss Belmar Princess — and they only caught one bluefish in near impossible conditions.

It should be better tomorrow as that NW knocks down the swell before the wind is forecasted to drop to north 10-15 by the morning. Most party boats should sail tomorrow, and Mimi Vi at Point Pleasant will also run open for stripers.

After the fine action for school stripers Friday morning and evening in the canal. this morning was a bust even before the gale started. I only saw one very small bass caught, and heard of a couple of others.

Vinny D’Anton didn’t fish, but heard from several anglers who did nothing in a discolored and rough surf. Those conditions may improve somewhat by the morning, but we’re in for a shift to northeast and rain on Monday.

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  1. Sunday Sea Bright at dusk. Not much bird life close to shore, very few anglers on beach. Caught and released one schoolie striper on a hogie epoxy lure. No other hits for the hour I was there.

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