Unless the weather forecast is way off, there probably won’t be much fishing tomorrow — especially from boats.

The SE wind is already starting to blow, and is predicted to increase to 25 knots with gusts to 40 as small craft warning are posted through Saturday. Tomorrow’s east winds will be 30 to 35 knots with gusts to 45 and seas up to 13 feet. The storm actually moves out quickly with south winds down to 10-15 Saturday night. Sunday looks decent with west winds at 15, though gusting to 25 to knock down the big seas. By Monday there are only 10-knot south winds shifting to the west — though rain is likely. It will probably take a day or two for seas to calm and clear — but then we’re looking for flocks of birds following schools of bait and stripers to the west,

It’s unlikely that any boats will sail tomorrow, but there are always shore areas where fishing is possible; Joe Melillo at Castaways Tackle in Point Pleasant says blackfishing on green crabs in the canal has been very good.

Melillo weighed a 34-pound striper trolled on a bunker spoon by Bill Mc Crystal of Point Pleasant at the Red Church.

Today’s reports won’t mean anything in any case because it will be a whole new ball game after the storm passes through. It will be an inconvenience for a couple of days, but should greatly improve striper fishing going forward.

That odd fish caught yesterday from the Belmar Marina dock by Joe Iandolo may not be a porcupine fish after all. The photo wasn’t clear, and Jeff Dement of the American Littoral Society thinks it may be a striped burrfish.







































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