Water temperatures are falling,and the first solid signs of a coastal migration to the west were seen today. Capt. Rob Semkewyc didn’t have enough people to sail his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands – but went anyway. That was a good deal for those anglers as the boat kept all the bass allowed — and they were from 17 to 28 pounds. Unfortunately, the more modest west wind we were looking for only lasted for the first day of the weekend.  The Sea Hunter won’t be sailing into the strong west winds predicted for the next two days, but Rob is looking forward to Monday.

Vinny D’Anton caught a couple of cocktail blues in Shark River this morning before trying the surf from Bradley Beach south without success ubtil he saw bass rolling in rainfish to the south. His Chug Bug produced a 34 1/2-inch striper that had lessions on its skin but also carried sea lice which is an indication of migrating bass.

I got cold hands fishing Point Pleasant Canal this morning, but was surprised to catch a 21 1/2-inch striperafter a few casts with a Z Man 6-inch Swimmereeze paddletail

on the slack. The next cast produced another hook-up with s fish that felt larger, but got off. There was no more action on the running ebb tide.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported very good bluefishing on jigs along with lots of porgies and sea bass. They will be bluefishing Saturday night at 7:30.

Bob Di Petri ran offshore out of Manasquan Inlet with his Sharky’s Machine to seek the large bluefin tuna that have been popping up in many areas. He didn’t find anything at Axel Carlsen Reef, but ran into them just 1 1/2 to 2 m+iles off Mantoking. They would blast into rainfish and disappear, so he couldn’t get a good cast to them. There were no whales, but lots of dolphins. Casting a Deadly Dick produced a couple of the same tiny bonito being caught inshore.  Schools of bunkers were outside the inlet, but not to the south.

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