It took some time this morning for Chuck Many to find bunkers with his Tyman from Gateway Marina in Highlands before one throw produced all we needed for the day. Unfortunately, the Hudson River stripers didn’t appreciate all that time and effort. It’s not that we didn’t get hits on the drifted live adult bunkers, but the bass were mostly whacking them and refusing to follow through by picking up the stunned bait. We did release four stripers of around 20 to 22 pounds, and lost a few that were briefly hooked, but it could have been much better. A move to the East River produced a fifth legal striper release as I hooked a 28-incher on sandworms at a spot that usually produces lots of schoolies — but this time none at all. The very healthy looking striper below was the only bite we had drifting outside the East River where 12-ounce sinkers were needed.

SeaAl with East River bass.jpg

Mimi VI from Point Pleasant has some room on a sea bass charter tomorrow , as well as on open trips Thursday and Halloween. Call 732 370-8019.

Dolphin have been making up for a lack of tuna on party boat canyon trips. The Jamaica from Brielle loaded up with mahi up to 20 pounds on weekend trips, and also lost a swordfish and several tuna at night.  The Golden Eagle was pleased with the dolphin action on the Monday to Tuesday trip, and also had a swordfish. They won’t be sailing for blues the next two days while performing maintenance on the vessel.

Jon Falkowski of Linden fished aboard Miss Belmar Princess today and only jigged two very small blues. He said all the blues were small, but there were also a few bonito and Spanish mackerel hooked as well as sea bass — and even one lost whiting.


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