There weren’t many caught, but the sudden appearance of jumbo bluefish during the last two trips of the Golden Eagle from Belmar is a sign that the huge blues we’ve been seeing in recent years during the fall are arriving.  They only had fair Saturday night bluefishing with 3-to-6-pounders dominating — but a few 15-pounders were mixed in.  It was the same thing on Sunday’s day trip, plus some bonito, but a few of the jumbos also showed up — including a 20-pound pool winner.

Many boaters will be seeking sea bass on the N.J. Columbus Day opener. As I’ve been noting, some party boat are running extended trips by reservation.  Be sure to check with your favorite skipper before coming down.

The big swell pounding on beaches from the offshore storm seemed to turn off stripers this morning. I couldn’t raise a thing where I had caught them yesterday morning in Spring Lake, and Vinny D’Anton had the same experience in Belmar.

Joe Melillo. at Castaways Tackle in Pt. Pleasant reports some bluefish were caught on jigs in the canal.

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