Metro area fishermen haven’t had much to complain about weather-wise the last few days, and there’s more good weather ahead except for a brief blast of southwest wind Tuesday night. Small craft warnings are posted from then into Wednesday morning even though the winds drop back to 5-10 knots by then. Next weekend is looking very good so far.

The big seas far offshore are still a slight problem for surfcasters, but the surf is fishable. The problem now is low tides during the prime early morning and evening periods.  I had a hit within five minutes of starting at Spring Lake this morning, but that was it for a long time while covering a lot of beach and casting into every fishable pocket. Just before leaving I returned to a spot where I had all my action Sunday except for the 28-inch release. There had been nothing there earlier, but the tide was at the point I had while getting hits yesterday. I quickly had a fish crash the lure, but was surprised to beach a 23-inch striper that had hit the Castaways teaser  ahead of the popper just as the 28-incher had done. That teaser is out of the water most of the time while working a popper. Unfortunately, that was my only hit before having to leave.

Vinny D’Anton did a lot of traveling in order to catch a few bass. He got one in Shark River  before the current died, and added another in the Belmar surf. Moving south he spotted some bass in the large waves, but he and two other anglers couldn’t get them to hit anything. Vinnie caught a fluke on a Tsunami Sand Eel, and finally nailed a bass on a Bomber shad-like plug just before leaving.

Allen Riley of South Plainfield and Duke Matero from Piscataway were hoping to see little tunny when they fished the Monmouth Beach surf this morning, despite the very low tide , but only small blues were in the area to chase mullet. They were just as fussy as little tunny and wouldn’t hit metal on a shock leader. Lures had to be tied right to the mono line to draw hits. Allen caught a couple of the 2-pound blues and lost others in the wash.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar is on an offshore tuna trip, but will be back bluefishing tomorrow morning.

Capt. Stan Zagleski reported his Sunday catch-and-release blackfish trip on Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands started slowly in dirty waters before ending up with good release action after the one keeper tog per angler was allowed was boated. A couple of blowfish and triggerfish were also caught. His next such trip will be at 7 a.m. Thursday.  Zagleski noted that he saw bluefish swirling north of the Highlands Bridge.

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