There will be some relief from the heat and, most importantly, from flies on the beach after the northeast front moves through around midnight.

Joe Melillo, at Castaways Tackle in Point Pleasant, said some small blues have been coming into local beaches, but the flies have been so bad at Bay Head that no one can stand being there.

At Seaside Park, John Bushell Jr. said flies at Island Beach State Park yesterday were horrific — the worst ever.  It’s not often that almost everyone is hoping for a northeast blow, but this time there will be some important benefits on the beaches. Small craft warnings will go up after midnight for winds gusting to 25 knots, and those planning to fish on party and charter boats Friday should check with skippers before coming down.

That northeaster could also start a movement of mullet out of the rivers to get surf  stripers active on poppers again. There was no repeat of the Shark River bluefish blitz as party boats were coming out the previous two mornings.  I saw one caught by a kayack angler,  but never raised anything. Vinny D’Anton and Frank Manzi caught a few mini-stripers on surface lures, but I couldn’t get them to even swirl on a pencil popper. Vinny finally released a 23-inch bass on his Chug Bug.

Nick Honachefsky  got into some great fluke fishing Wednesday morning not far south of Manasquan Inlet while fishing aboard Killer Bea with Brian Keating, Adam Neimic and Christian Palmisano as they limited on fluke from 4 to 8 pounds by 10:30, and released five other keepers as the keeper ration was about 85%.

Jim Freda of Shore Catch Charters said the tuna bite was off on his last trip, but little tunny were appearing in force and should soon present an inshore target for great fighting fish. Freda took this epic shot of a whale during a recent tuna trip.


Dan Drodzinsky of Piscataway, the Tinman, saw lots of bait and snappers in the Sandy Hook surf yesterday morning, and didn’t catch anything among them — but saw the oddest sight. A small shark was swimming right along the surf line and several times beached itself on the dry sand before a small wave would put it in water again. When it got to a jetty, another fisherman had to carry it around to the deeper north side so it could continue on — just as the 100-pound brown shark that Jerry Lasko released in Barnegat Bay this week.

sandbar - jerry lasko.jpg

Jim Hutchinson Sr. reports “As summer in Beach Haven nears its end, the inshore fluke action is reaching its peak for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The fish are large and plentiful around almost any type of structure in the ocean. The season will continue until September 22.

Captain John Lewis on the “Insatiable” reports weather, clients and fish all came together for a busy and successful week. Every trip produced keeper fluke, many of which were 20-23 inches long, and plenty of shorts to keep everyone occupied. Additionally, there were a lot of small sharks to make it exciting.

Captain Jimmy Zavacky got in on some of the torrid fluke action recently on the “Reel Determined” with the Arnold group. He and fellow BHCFA Captain Ray Lopez helped the group fight some rough seas to boat 10 keeper fluke along with some black sea bass and a bluefish. Another day the Robertson crew also managed 10 keeper fluke for a great day on the water.


Captain Ray Lopez had the Rietmann family out on the “Miss Liane” for a day of non-stop trolling experiencing knockdowns every few minutes. The crew returned to shore with 7 nice mahi. Another day the Andrew Simon charter combined some trolling with bottom fishing. They picked up a few fish on the troll along with some fluke.  


The Junior Mates of the BHCFA had a large role in the recent 3rd Annual Fluke-A-Mania tournament benefitting the fight against cystic fibrosis. Several association boats were filled with junior mates fishing in the event, and the teens later assisted at the awards ceremony and even cleaning the fish. Three BHCFA mates swept the junior angler division with Tyler Spicer first, Max Goldman second and Aiden Hunsberger third. Association boats “Reel Determined,” “Miss Liane” and “Insatiable” along some mates’ family boats participated.





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