Ocean fluking really opened up last week for the Jamaica II from Brielle as per this report from Capt. Ryan Bogan:
“Excellent fluke Fishing this past week and BIG fluke is the name of the game. There were 3 10-plus pounders caught last week:
Carl Shimkus Phila, Pa 10.1 pounds
Ron Rogers Toms River, NJ  10 . 3 pounds
Kathleen Wojclya  Toms River, NJ  10.8 pounds  caught Friday Aug 24th on the PM trip
Lot of 5,6, 7 and 8 pound fluke also caught last week -check our webpage and Facebook page for up to date daily pictures and reports.
One afternoon trip this week, was an example of the great fishing veteran Jamaica II angler 84 year old Ray Bryant of South Orange NJ as his first 3 fish of the afternoon weighed 6.6,  6.9,  and 6.1 pounds. Now that’s some great fluke fishing.
Lots of limits and some hefty sea bass being caught also.
Kathleen’s fish was caught on a rental rod with boat supplied bait. We use Gulp swim mullets on our rentals so EVERYONE on board is catching and not just the regulars.
Half Day fluke/sea bass daily except Mondays sailing at 8 am and 2 pm.
All Day fluke every Monday 7:30 am till 4:30 pm”
The Big Jamaica sent an early repot of good action with blues, bonito, sea bass, fluke and chub mackerel plus even dolphin.
dolphin on Jamaica
The Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club’s 38th Offshore Open is off to a good start with several entries in the 8/25 to 9/2 contest in which boaters may fish two day trips or one overnighter. Charles Heil got a jump on the field with a 75.75-pound tuna that leads a 71.65-pounder on Marshall Allegra’s Internal Fixation. Capt. Fred Gamboa put a 70.65-pound tuna on his Andrea’s Toy, and Douglas Johnson’s Double D has a 68.10 pound entry.
 Steve Matthews has the lone blue marlin release on Pepper, but Jason Parker’s Reel Steel has released 14 white marlin. Brian Kimmell’s Flying Tiger leads in dolphin at 22.75 pounds..
Capt. Dave Riback was happy with small blues plus some bonito hitting jigs this morning on his Queen Mary from Point Pleasant before getting into all the chub mackerel his fares wanted — and then  the “surprise of the season” as 50 dolphin were caught.
At Atlantic Highlands, Capt. Ron Santee of the Fishermen reported a lack of drift to start the day though jig fishermen did well with fluke from 3 pounds up. Young Edwin Jones boated a 7.9-pounder at the end of the day to win the pool. Joe Sullivan caught over 20 fluke in the bow, including two over 4 pounds. The Angler reported jigs were hot Sunday as 25 fluke over 4 pounds and six over 7 pounds were caught. The Prowler had good Sunday fluking on both trips as French Ruffin of Teaneck had a 7.9-pounder during the day while Cole Devaney from Middletown hooked a 8.4-pound magic hours fluke.
The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported very good sea bass fishing along with some blues and fluke.
Capt. Vinny Vetere said the weekend boat traffic made it tougher to catch stripers, but he still had 16 up to 32 pounds on Saturday — though nothing over 24 pounds on Sunday. He’s open with Katfish from Great Kills from Thursday into the weekend.
Pilotfish or banded rudderfish? Allen Riley and John Mazzeo of South Plainfield fished this morning at Sandy Hook along with Dan Brodzinsky from Piscataway as they once again found a calm surf along with loads of bait being pushed by snappers and some small blues. John caught a blue pushing 3 pounds on his live snapper bait.  Just as on Friday’s trip, Allen caught 6-to-8-inch banded fish he identified as pilotfish while casting a small metal for the snappers. Boaters often see those members of the jack family under their boats or around ocean buoys at this time of year, though they’re hard to distinguish from another small member of the family — the banded rudderfish.  The latter has a black line on the head through the eye just like its close relative the much larger amberjack. Allen sent along this file photo of a pilotfish.
Frank Huza of Aberdeen was kayacking well up in Manasquan River this morning and passed along the good news that there were loads of mullet there waiting for the first cold snap to send them out to the surf. That’s just what we need now to spark a striper feeding surge as there wasn’t much action from shore today.
I fished Shark River this morning and caught a school striper on a Z Man Swimmereez jig, but never had another hit. After finding nothing at Manasquan, Vinny D’Anton moved north and had his Chug Bug attacked by a large  fish that cut him off — almost surely a rare large bluefish.  Vinny didn’t get reports from his associates of any bass hooked in the surf today. The light swell and lack of whitewater may have something to do with that. But it was perfect for fluking, and he started getting hits from small fluke on a Storm Sand Eel before a snapper clipped the tail. I released a 17-inch fluke on a Storm Searchbait jig before leaving, but Vinny stayed and caught the fluke he was seeking for breakfast — a 20 1/2-incher plus several shorts.

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