Nothing is set in stone at fishing tournaments until the final whistle blows, but Joe Rahman’s Auspicious from Palm Beach is going to be hard to beat in blue marlin at the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Md. after bringing in an 881-pounder to take the lead for $900,000.

There were relatively few landings on the first day, with only five tuna coming to the scales. A 71-pounder on Brass Monkey leads for $960,000, but that’s not likely to last. David Rose’s Dialed-in from Spring Lake, N.J. is second with a 69-pounder. Makai had a 61-pounder for third followed by Rhonda’s Osprey at 54.5 pounds, and Uno Mas at 52.5 pounds.

Halycon was leading in dolphin with a 30-pounder before Doxie Boys arrived near the last minute with a 36-pounder. Two white marlin that made the tournament minimum length were weighed, but both were short of the tournament minimum weight of 70 pounds.

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