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Possible woman’s world record tautog in Md

Last night’s blackfish photo from N.J. was impressive, but was blown away today by a potential woman’s world record tautog boated by Jen Zuppe on Capt. Kane Bounds Fish Bound from Ocean City, Maryland. That tog (see below) was weighed at Sunset Marina at an official 23.4 pounds!

Though the IGFA only recognizes a single all-tackle record for tautog, they do have separate line class categories for men and women. Jen was using 30-pound line, but manufacturers often spool lines heavier than the printed breaking strength on the label. However, Jen’s tog should be the record on either 30-pound or 50-pound.

The all-tackle record of 28 pounds, 11 ounces was taken by Ken Westerfeld on Jan. 15, 2002 from the same charter boat. Ironically, Ken was aboard today as other trophy tog to 16 pounds were caught.

To make the day even more special, there were also limits of blackfish up to 18 pounds taken today aboard Chasin’ Tides out of the same port.

A gale warning goes up at 6 p.m. and continues through Friday morning in NY/NJ Bight. Friday’s forecast is for southwest winds at 20-25 knots with gusts to 30 plus 7-10-foot seas and rain. A clearing northwest follows on Saturday.

Vinny D’Anton continues to release 3-4-pound bluefish with his Chug Bug at Sarasota, Fl., but notes that it’s strictly a dawn bite that shuts off at sunrise.

Big blackfish on Jamaica II

Regular customer Don O’Neil caught a real trophy on Capt. Ryan Bogan’s Jamaica II from Brielle after an 11.7-pound blackfish hit his whitelegger crab bait.

Though it was calmer at Cape Charles, Virginia today, SHO-NUF found the tagging of trophy stripers was slow as they only caught three out of four hits from big bass today. Their Tuesday trip had yielded nine up to a 52-pounder.

A gale watch is up in NY/NJ Bight for Thursday evening to late night. The morning forecast is for southeast winds of 10-15 knots before increasing to 15-20 in the afternoon. Rain is possible.

Virginia striper bite continued in sloppy seas

Capt. Clinton Lessard reported yesterday’s conditions at Cape Charles were sloppy, but his party on SHO-NUF was happy with the tagging results as seven big stripers were returned with Gray Fish Tags — including two over 50 pounds. Call 757 710-0098 for reservations on that 35-foot Bertram.

Several party boats along the coast are concentrating on blackfish, but the Gambler from Point Pleasant, N.J. has the most unusual hours as they run a Lazy Man trip after it warms up from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday thru February — and the tog don’t seem to be reluctant to bite in the middle of the day. In the opposite direction, they will sail Togathons from 5 to 5 on Feb.16, 18, and 25 .

The NY/NJ Bight forecast is for northeast winds at only 10-15 knots with 2-foot seas.

Fish Bound out of Ocean City, Maryland has been working hard for big tog such as this one while observing a self-imposed three tog limit and releasing many trophy spawners.

Jamaica’s offshore porgy trip produces

Though the sea bass season is closed, there are offshore wrecks loaded with jumbo porgies. The Jamaica from Brielle made their first trip for scup on Sunday and had a good catch of them along with a few ling as some anglers had over 30 fish. The Jamaica will be making that run every weekend in February, and has added tilefish trips in March and April. Call 732 528-5014 for info and reservations.

At Belmar, the Big Mohawk reported a beautiful Sunday of blackfishing with lots of shorts plus some keepers and one limit. The Gambler (see photo below) and the Dauntless from Point Pleasant are having similar blackfishing, The weather remains good for that inshore fishery with a forecast of northwest winds at 15-20 knots which decrease to 10-15 in the afternoon.

Trophy striper bite at Cape Charles continues

Sorry about missing the last couple of blogs, but there was a problem with publishing on Word Press that I hope has been rectified.

Reports from the trophy striped bass eel trolling at Cape Charles continue to be outstanding.

SHO-NUF actually got off to a slow start today as bites didn’t start until after 12. Then they released eight out of nine hits up to a 53-pounder. Surprisingly, four were unusually small for this fishery as they were under 33 inches — though the other four were all over 42 inches. That boat will continue chartering as long as the fishing holds up this month. Call 757-710-0098.

Vinny D’Anton got down to Sarasota this week, and started off his wade fishing by getting into 3-4-pound bluefish on his Chug Bug.

The NY/NJ Bight weather forecast remains good with northwest 5-10 knot winds in the morning before increasing to 10-15 plus gusts to 20 in the afternoon.

Hot bite of big stripers in Cape Charles fog

Though it was a fog-filled day, the trolling bite at Cape Charles, Va. was exceptional as 10 of 16 bites resulted in stripers from a mere 16 pounds up to a 54-pound trophy release on SHO-HUF.

There hadn’t been any more NJ surf reports before Fisherman’s Den on Long Beach Island reported one small one was released yesterday.

Friday’s NY/NJ Bight forecast is for north winds at 5-10 knots before going west in the afternoon at 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots. Morning showers are possible.

Jamaica resumes offshore wreck trips for porgies

The Jamaica from Brielle had a good offshore wreck season for sea bass, but that fishery is now closed, and they’ll be sailing for wrecks that hold jumbo porgies every weekend in February by reservation. Weakfish, cod and pollock are also possible.

A small craft advisory is up until 6 p.m. Thursday’s forecast is for north winds at just 5-10 knots

. The striped bass tagging fishery continues at Cape Charles, Virginia. SHO-NUF had Chuck Many aboard two days ago as nine were tagged with two over 50 pounds — but also a mere 6-pounder on a live eel.

Capt. Clint’s Striper Guide Service tagged two of 46 pounds plus a 42 today– and has openings tomorrow and Friday. Call 540 493-9660.

South Jersey tidal rivers producing white perch

New Jersey’s ocean waters remain open all year for strpers, but the internal waters are closed until spring in order to prevent snagging of dormant stripers — though white perch fishing is encouraged. Those rivers aren’t ready for ice fishing yet, but often produce big catches when conditions are right.

Absecon Bay Sportsman Center is trying to keep bloodworms in stock , but call first at 609 484-0409

Nick Honachesky will be doing a meet-and-greet at the Wildwood Fish and Boating Expo over the weekend.

The forecast is for southwest winds at 10-15 knots plus gusts to 20 and 4-6=foot seas.

Blackfishing is getting a lot of attention. Capt. Ralph Leyer will stick with it on his Last Lady from Belmar as long as the fishing holds up. Call him at 732 988-8907 for openings.

The Mimi VI from Point Pleasant is running a limited tog trip every Tuesday and Friday through February. Call 732 370-8019 for details and reservations.

Eric Kerber shows off the big tog from among 14 keepers on his last northern N.J. trip

No repeat of surf stripers

Jerry Lasko and Maren Toleno gave the Ocean County surf a try this morning and afternoon, but saw little bird action and had no hits. They’ll be keeping an eye on it as long as conditions remain fishable and the water temperature holds up.

The Big Mohawk from Belmar reported good action throughout their New Year’s Day trip, but it was mostly shorts. One limit was taken along with some other keepers.

The forecast is for south winds at 10-15 knots before increasing to 15-20 with gusts to 25 in the afternoon

Maren catches first surf striper of New Year

Jerry Lasko and Maren Toleno hadn’t been fishing for days, but spotted some terns working on tiny bait and had to give the Ocean County surf a try. Maren broke the ice for the New Year with a bass of about 18 inches on a paddletail. Jerry said the tiny bait fish were something he couldn’t identify and sent this photo. Let me know if you can identify it.

The forecast is for west winds at just 5-10 knots.